Foreign trade

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Import financing (Comex Lines)

With Aresbank’s import financing facility, expand your business globally without financial worries. Import what you need from anywhere in the world and grow your business with confidence.


Advances on exports

Our export advance service offers you a fast and efficient solution for obtaining liquidity. Do you want to take advantage of international opportunities without waiting for payments to arrive? With our advance, you can receive the money you expect for your exports immediately. Keep your cash flow steady and make the most of your international sales, without delay or hassle.


Documentary business

  • Confirmation and discounting of documentary credits.

With Aresbank’s documentary credit confirmation and discounting, we guarantee security and flexibility in your international transactions. Simplify your international commercial operations with our comprehensive solution and ensure success for your company.

  • Pre-financing of documentary credits.

Our documentary credit pre-financing is your reliable partner for anticipating and securing cash flows. Do you want to secure funds before your international transactions are completed? With our solution, we obtain the value of your documentary credits in advance, giving you immediate access to the necessary funds. Simplify your operations and secure liquidity while expanding your global presence with confidence.

  • Issuing documentary credits and/or BACK TO BACK.

Our issuance of documentary credits and back-to-back are essential tools to facilitate your international business transactions. Need to guarantee secure and timely payments between parties involved in different countries? With our issuing of documentary credits, we offer security to both parties, ensuring compliance with the agreed terms. In addition, with back-to-back, we facilitate secondary transactions, allowing your suppliers to obtain financing based on the initial credit.

  • Export and import remittances.

Aresbank’s export and import remittances are your allies in facilitating international payments quickly and securely. Simplify your international trade operations and keep your transactions smooth with our reliable remittance solution.


International guarantees

Aresbank’s international guarantees are your back-up for global business transactions. Do you need to guarantee the fulfilment of contracts or payments abroad? With our guarantees, we offer security and confidence to both parties involved. Simplify your international operations and grow your business with the peace of mind that comes with Aresbank’s backing.


Buyer credit

With Aresbank’s buyer credit, we facilitate smooth international transactions. We offer payment flexibility to your foreign customers, securing your revenue stream and expanding your customer base with confidence.


Multi-product/multi-currency credit lines

Our multi-product and multi-currency credit lines from Aresbank are your one-stop solution to cover diverse financial needs in a global environment. Do you need the flexibility to finance different projects in different currencies? With our lines, get access to funds in multiple currencies to boost your business internationally. Simplify your financial operations and manage your projects efficiently with Aresbank by your side.

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