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Legal Notice

The following Bank details are placed on record to serve the relevant purposes: Aresbank, S.A. (hereinafter, the Bank or the Institution) with registered address Paseo de la Castellana, no. 257, Madrid and Tax Number A28386191. The bank is registered at the Companies Register of Madrid to Volume 6.823, Sheet 81, Section 8ª, Page M-111.123, Entry No. 1ª. The e-mail address is

General Terms and Conditions

By browsing and using this web page you are accepting the following general terms and conditions.

This legal notice governs the terms and conditions, access and use of the web page, together with those of its contents and services that are made available to the user.

Who is the User

By simply accessing or using the web page or all or part of the contents and services therein, you become a user and therefore are required to fully -without exception- abide by the terms and conditions of this legal notice from the moment the user has access to them. You will be deemed to have accepted such terms and conditions by simply visiting the pages of this portal.

Access to the web page does not imply a business relationship between the Bank and the User.

The User commits to refrain from using the contents and services of the page with the purpose of carrying out or suggesting activities that are not permitted by reason of morality or legal precept, and therefore he/she hereby expressly accepts to exempt the Bank from any responsibilities associated with the quality, exactitude, reliability, preciseness or morality of the data, programmes, information or opinions, regardless of their source, included on the web page and is also hereby required to use the page in a diligent and correct manner.

The User states that he/she is eighteen years of age and upwards and that he/she has the legal capacity to become committed and bound by the terms and conditions of this legal notice.

Purpose of the web page

The main purpose of this web page created by the Bank is to provide our clients with information on the products and services we offer for their information and private use.

The information contained on the web page is up to date as of the date of its latest update, and the Bank reserves the right to update, amend or delete it at any time, as well as temporarily or definitely restrain access to it and it shall not be held responsible for any issues arising from this decision, as well as by reason of the information not being up to date.

Any amendments, updates or adaptations of this web page shall be duly announced and these shall be made effective on the date of publication on the web page.

Copyrights applicable to the web page

The contents of the web page, its graphic design and codes are the property of the Bank and therefore their distribution, reproduction, exploitation, amendment, public communication, transfer, transformation, copy, use or commercialisation is forbidden, even where the sources are quoted, except by expressed consent of the Bank. Should the above prohibition be ignored, intellectual property, trademark and advertising rights, as well as other regulations, will be deemed as breached. Therefore access to this web page does not grant users intellectual property rights or titles on the contents included therein.

Unauthorized use of this intellectual property by third parties shall lead to criminal or civil liabilities and any others applicable, as established by the applicable laws.

The Bank shall not be held responsible for any breaches incurred by the users of the web page affecting third party rights.

The trade names, trademarks, logos, products and services contained on this web page are protected by law.

Use of the web page and liability

The Bank cannot be held responsible for the following:

  • Ill use of the contents of its web page, with only the person accessing or using them being responsible for it. Therefore, access to the page is the responsibility of the user alone.
  • Any omissions, imprecisions or errors that may appear at any time on the data and documents contained on the web page or the consequences that may derive from their use.
  • Information not provided by this institution, even where it was obtained via links included on these pages, therefore the Bank will not be held responsible for any damages deriving from access or use of the above-referred information. The purpose of the links is to inform on the existence of other information sources on a given matter.
  • The exchange of information between users over the internet and any technical issues caused to the hardware during connection, as well as any damage that may be caused by third parties due to unlawful intromissions outside the control of the Institution. In particular, all responsibilities are excluded due to the existence of computer viruses on the net that might have access to the user’s system by way of connection to this web page.
  • Any potential security errors and/or damage caused as a consequence of the use of non-updated browser versions or their ill operation.
  • Any potential discrepancies that may arise from the hard copies of the documents and the electronic version of the same as published on its web page.

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According to Directives 2004/39/EC and 2006/73/EC on Markets in Financial Instruments, the relevant information herein contained cannot be understood or treated as personalized advice or explicit recommendation, with its purpose being limited to the provision of generic commercial information. (Article 24 of Directive 2006/73/EC and 19.2 of Directive 2004/39/EC).

Personal Data Protection

Visits to this website do not imply users needs to provide information about them. Should the user provide any personal information, Aresbank, S.A. is in compliance with the provisions of the (EU) 2016/679 European regulation for the management of personal data. Named as the data controller, Aresbank, S.A., informs that the personal data provided when filling out any form that appears on this website will be incorporated into an automated treatment for which Aresbank, S.A. is the controller, whose registered office is located in Paseo, de la Castellana, nº 257 - 28046 Madrid with the objective of managing your claim or request for information.  Aresbank has appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who can be contacted by email at

This treatment will be confidential and the data will be used to process the request for information or the service requested. Aresbank, S.A will not communicate the personal data to third companies without obtaining their prior consent, unless the transfer of their data is necessary for the maintenance of the relationship with the Bank, in which case it will be previously informed of the aforementioned assignment. 

The individual can use at any time the right of access, rectification, suppression, opposition, portability and limitation of the treatment by sending a letter, accompanied by a photocopy of the individual’s personal identification, Spanish D.N.I., or equivalent document, to the following address: Aresbank, S.A., Paseo de la Castellana nº 257, 28046, Madrid or by email to the following address:

Aresbank, S.A. also informs that your personal data will be blocked when they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, with the exception of only the Judges and Tribunals, the Public Prosecutor or the competent Public Administrations, in particular, the data protection authorities for carrying out the possible responsibilities arising from the treatment of the personal data, during the prescription period of these. Once the aforementioned deadline has expired, the Bank will proceed to delete the personal data. 

Likewise, personal data may be transferred to third countries for processing due to the duty of collaboration between entities. 

Additionally, the individual may submit a claim to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. It has the necessary information in:

Aresbank, S.A. hereby informs that it has adopted the relevant technical and organisational measures to ensure the safety of any personal data and prevent its amendment, loss, unauthorised handling or access, given the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which it is exposed, either arising from human intervention or the physical or natural surroundings.

Disclosure of data

Aresbank, S.A. will not communicate the personal data of the User to third-party companies without obtaining your consent in advance, unless the cession of your information was necessary for maintaining the relationship with the User, in which case prior notification of the aforementioned cession will be provided.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

This legal notice is fully governed by Spanish law with the Spanish Courts being competent to settle any disputes deriving from the same.

The regulations governing transparency of banking transactions and the protection of clients are grouped in the following provisions:

  • Order of the Ministry of Finance and Taxation of 12th of December 1989 (Spanish Official State Bulletin (B.O.E.) of 19th of December) on the interest rates and commissions, standards of practice, information to clients and advertising of credit institutions.
  • Act 7/1995 of 23rd of March (B.O.E. of 25th of March) on consumer credit.
  • Order of 5th of May 1994 (B.O.E. of 11th of May) of the Ministry of the Presidency on transparency of the financial terms and conditions of mortgage loans.
  • Act 2/1994 of 30th of March (B.O.E. of 4th of April) on subrogation and amendment of mortgage loans.
  • Letter 8/1990 of 7th of September of the Bank of Spain (B.O.E. of the 20th of September) to credit institutions on transparency of transactions and client protection.
  • Order of the Ministry of Finance and Taxation of 25th of October 1995 (B.O.E. of 2nd of November) which develops Royal Decree 629/1993 of 3rd of May on the standards of practice in the securities markets and compulsory records.
  • Letter 1/1996 of 27th of March of 1996 (B.O.E. of 9th of April) of the National Securities Market Commission on the standards of practice, transparency and identification of the clients in their transactions.